A Closer Look At Our Fishery

Here at sunnyside we offer a spacious 20 peg lake with footpaths which leads you around the lake and up to you’re peg. Suitable for pleasure fishing and matches,complete with wooden stages allowing some excellent margin fishing. the lakes itself is stepped so there is a variety of depths from 2ft margins to another 4ft shelf leading to 6/8ft deep lake. We have stocked a large amount of carp.bream,tench,ide,roach.F1’s. 






Fishery prices

  • £8 day ticket per angler 
  • £4 day ticket for Children under 10 years of age
  • Only sunnyside nets & unhooking mats to be used. You may use your own net handles

Fishery rules

  • No alcohol by the pool
  • 1 rod per angler fishing at one time (you can have a number of rods set up to swap)
  • no night fishing
  • no keep nets unless in a match
  • a valid rod liscence is required
  • strickly no swinging every fish to be netted
  • purchase a day ticket before fishing
  • Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult over the age of 21
  • Bailiff and owner may ask to see terminal tackle even if means winding in.
  • only fish from numbered pegs
  • You may take photos of your catch but please keep the fish on the mats and not out the water for to long.

Tackle and bait

  • Maximum size 12 barbless hooks
  • No braided lines
  • No fixed leads or feeder and no elasticated feeders
  • disgorgers are a must
  • Strictly no boilies ,nuts of any form or luncheon meat
  • No floating bread or surfacing fishing, sinking bread is fine
  • No form of popups. Small balanced bottom baits are okay when feeder fishing
  • Maximum pellet site 6mm no bigger 

Match rules

  • all nets to be dipped on arrival no exceptions
  • Keep nets are only allowed in matches but have to be layed out on the bank to dry before entering the water.

(Keep nets rules)

  • Keep nets have a 50lb limit for each net. exceeding the net limit will result in your net being weighed at 50lb but if your 20lb over the limit the next will be disqualified
  • fish must separated silvers (bream, tench, ide, roach in one and carp and f1s in another. 
  • Weighting in after a match we kindly ask anglers to wait and leave keepnets for bailiff and lake owner to remove the nets and weight them in to prevent damage to the fish.
  • Every fish to be netted strictly no swinging
  • Fish from pegs only
  • Can only bait up from your peg no walking around

Hours of Operation

Open 365 days a year

Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!